aliens space station customer reviews

Aliens Group receives positive feedback from dwellers on Aliens Space Station

Aliens Space Station in Hyderabad is being touted as one of the best projects in Southern India. Developed with a futuristic approach, the project claims to offer an amalgamation of technology and comfort. Sprawling across a vast area and design replicating the shape of an ‘S’, this project by aliens Group houses 14 stations with 83 towers. Delivery for the apartments had started last year for one of the towers and based upon the positive feedback of the dwellers, there seems to a lot of mettle in the project.

Testimonial of P S Chalapathi Rao, resident of Station No. 14, read, “ WOW! Finally reached the goal of having a flat in Aliens…long way of holding flat in Gachibowli ended in 2015. Good and fantastic experience with Aliens Builders.”

Another resident, Veera S Pasupuleti said, “It’s a dream come true landing in Aliens Space Station. True to its name, it is no less than the land that we always have been fantasizing about. Although, the wait to get my apartment was a little long but it was worth the while. ‘This is the place where one should land up’ is the feeling that would linger in your mind when you would be in this world-class space. I can bet high that once the place is fully ready, then it will further blow up your mind..Mark my words!”

Spokesperson for Aliens Groupaliens space station reviews said that the group feels motivated after such positive feedbacks from the dwellers. He further elaborated that the group is determined to work even harder and serve the dwellers in a better manner. The responses from the consumers have been quite satisfying and that the company values such magnanimous support and patience displayed by the customers.


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