20 Amazing Homes Where Trees Were Spared

Creating new homes and commercial spaces can lead to deforestation. Whenever a new house or a fresh structure gets built, it directly affects the nature. Trees are axed every day for the intended purpose of architectural development and in turn, nature gets destroyed over time. But some architects walk out their way to ensure that the natural splendor of trees stay unscathed and actually make an effort to preserve nature and also give trees another chance. Here are 20 examples of really cool homes that incorporate trees to their structure. These showcase tree-human cohabitation.

Here are 20 examples of really cool homes that incorporate trees to their structure. These showcase tree-human cohabitation.

The tree through the villa balcony in Izmir, Turkey


Fuji Kindergarten in Japan


I thought the tree should be more important than the building, so I made the building as light as possible. In this school, children are encouraged to climb trees. – architect Takaharu Tezuka in his Ted talk

‘The Tea House’ in Shanghai, China


Rodrigo Square’s Home in Rio

The feeling is that we are a house-balcony – Rodrigo, Owner


Treehouse in museum playground in Jerusalem, Israel

As a tribute to the childhood collective memory of a treehouse, we positioned a small roofed structure where children can hide and overlook at high up a tilted trunk raised above the meticulous surroundings of the museum – architects Ifat Finkelman and Deborah Warschawskitreehouse-in-museum-playground-in-jerusalem-israel-xlarge


Casa Corallo in Guatemala



A tree through the wall An Indoor Patio in Santiago


Chile A Tree Staircase in Montana


Niavaran Residential Complex


Tree on doorstep


Tepoztlan Lounge in Mexico


A Private Residence in West Virginia


Palm Tree Patio


Magical tree house in Burlingame


California Villa in Derle, Belgium

We were literally burying money in the ground – Christophe, owner


Kook Osteria & Pizzeria Restaurant


A Residential Porch in Austin, Texas


Hopetoun Avenue in Sydney Australia


Casa del Bosque in Zona Norte, Paraguay


Chopping of the forests have already been found detrimental, which is also the main reason for global warming. Also, it impacts the water level in the soil. Its high time that we follow the required methodologies as applied by these trend setting architects in order to avoid the natural disasters and develop a harmonious tree-human being cohabitation as showcased. Spread the word to save this world from global warming and natural disasters.Should we deplete the forests to build our homes, or should we try to build our buildings into the surrounding environment? How can we switch our living practices to become more mindful of nature?Have you got any pictures of nature and architecture together? Post them or vote for your preferred choice! Meanwhile Somewhere in India

Source: CommonFloor Blog



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