aliens lake


Space Station soars 30 storeys into the sky, unfolding the mother nature and city for you. At its peak, the finest units with the most stunning views have been reserved for your selection. Not only can you see miles around, but additionally the iconic S shape structure ensures that every home on every floor gets a spectacular view. In keeping with the Aliens way of employing the best available construction technologies, this landmark will surpass all existing norms luxury and comfort. Come experience a whole new world where happiness multiplied.

Space Station with its stunning blend of design & quality triumphs over the constraints of conventionally shaped apartments, to become what is now viewed as the benchmark in residential architecture.

We believe in empowering you with the power of choice It is never too early to start planning for your investment. HUB is an ideal destination where both your family and investment will prosper in style. It’s the first of its kind project in India, with a stunning golf course and every other facility under the Sun, spread over 1500 acres in an area that is developing into an extension of the city and fast becoming growth corridor of Hyderabad with most promising developments.


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